Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Bathroom 22/02

small update from over lunch:

Managed to go some way to improving the white/creme issue by adding mrSkyPortals at the windows.

Added a towel rail too. I know the towel sucks it's only temp :-)

Anyone care to share the best way to texture a bath mat, so you get the shag pile effect?

Any comments as always welcome.



  1. Getting better man. Just watch the soft (round) edges on the towel. You and I both know they ain't like that in real life.

    Colour looks better in this one.

    About your white balance, you could always render as a raw image and then correct the white balance in photoshop?

  2. cheers mate. Yea i spent a while making reactor cloth one, but every time I rendered it crashed. So just chucked this one in quick as a placeholder for the render. Will model a proper one tomoz.

    Yea I think I'll end up doing a fiar bit in post with this one.

    Thanks again for taking the time to comment mate.