Monday, 21 February 2011

Bathroom 21/02

Another 45 mins playing around today over lunch.

Started blocking in the sink, and wall tiles. Still need to work on the tile texture abit i think, getting odd noise when close up.

Any comments and crits are more than welcome.



  1. Nice work man!

    How about a bath matt to stop them from slipping when getting out of the bath. Towel racks? Bars of soap?

    Also the white out windows detract from the scene slightly. There is a lot of light in the scene and I don't think it would cause exposure blow outs on the windows so some sort of scenery outside would be nice.

    Post production will add quite a bit but I don't think you are after that advice yet.



  2. cheers matey. Yep mats ect... are the task for today and tomoz. Just trying to figure out the best method for creating a fuzzy bath mat. Was planning on putting a towel rail to teh left of the bath.

    Yep agree re. background, currently there's no background, but will def be adding one.

    Yea I think post will help me out a lot with this one, I'm still struggling to get white in there. All the tiles are meant to be white not creme!

    Thanks again for your comments mate, much appreciated!!!