Tuesday, 7 December 2010

iPhone 4 w.i.p. 07/12

Hi all,

Time for another lunch time project to keep me busy and my skills improving.

I've just got an iPhone and love it! So what better homage to pay to it than re-create it in beautiful 3D!!

About 30mins work today setting up ref's and blocking out. Here's my progress so far:

Comments and crits welcome.


  1. Nice man! Good choice.

    Don't forget that the glass is actually sunk by about half a millimetre to keep it off of the surfaces when you lay your phone down :D

    Also N-Gons?

    Looking forward to the progress on this one!

  2. cheers Dave,

    Yea I'll make sure I'll remember re the glass. At the moment it's just the metal rim bit. I'll put the glass bit into the black phone bit when ii model it.

    I know i have some n-Gons in the corners. Do you think these will cause much of a problem?

  3. sometimes you cant avoid a ngon here or there .. they only cause problems when they cause problems .. :)

  4. cheers for the comment simon. I'll see how it goes, I may tidy it tomorrow.

  5. I doubt you will run into any problem as they are on flat surfaces but I think I am right in saying you are modelling with 3 iterations of smoothing on there? I would be inclined to have more polys on the corners as I like to model quite high and have low iterations 2 or even 1. But that is just me.

    In short - no you won't have problems.