Monday, 7 March 2011

Bathroom 07/03

Hi all,

Managed to get some decent renders out over the weekend adventually.

I had one render going for 10+ hrs when my PC decided to crash!!

Anyway, I've given the first one a bit of post treatment today, and am 95% decided on it being finished.

I added a canvs print to the wall, however I'm not too keen on it. I think over lunch to day, I'm going to put it in a frame instead.

Any comments and crits are as always appreciated. I will prob do one last render tonight, then it's done!

Click images for high res.


  1. No crits Rob, just praise for a great looking piece of work. Great job.

  2. Sweet!! cheers man, much appreciated!!!

  3. The second shot is the money shot for me man!