Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Ford GT40 '69 w.i.p. 11/01

So following the advice I have started the mesh again. About 1hrs work today.

I'm much happier with the results so far.

I'm now getting to putting the lights in, and having issues again.

Any tips on how to best fit the light holes in would be much appreciated.



  1. Hey man, watch your mesh flow.

    If you want my advice, I now use a different technique to what I used to use.

    Start by creating the basic shape of the car with a clean mesh and that is very important at the early stage.

    Once the entire panel or car has been created turbosmooth it with 1 iteration. The collapse the mesh again and start cutting the details in. This will allow you to have more polygons to work with giving you a better cutting surface.

    Once everything has been cut and refined and cleaned again you can add the final turbosmooth with 1 iteration again.

    Hope that helps.

  2. ok, so I'd model the entire shape, without light holes, bonet hood, ect... then turbo smooth, collapse then cut the holes into the turbo smoothed mesh ect, then turbo smooth again?... Is that right?

  3. Yeah.

    Model basic shape and mesh. TS with 1 iteration and collapse it to editable poly then cut cut cut then TS again :D

    I used to model the hard way by modeling at very high poly level and then building the details in that way. It is a lot harder and can cause bumps without planning.