Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Articulate Quizmaker - Font bolding bug fix

Not sure if any of you have come across this bug in Quizmaker or not? Basically if you bold part of a sentence in Quizmaker, the bold text will be shifted down 1px. This is shown in the image below:

Although minor, it is obvious and messy.

So I've figured out a quick easy fix to this problem.

Instead of bolding the text, simply change the font to 'Arial Rounded MT Bold'. As you cna see in the image below the result is near perfect.


  1. Interesting Rob, I know we had an issue early on, but I thought we fixed it. Does this happen with just specific fonts? I tried with Arial, and the default Articulate but I didn't see it.

  2. Hi Dave, I was using Arial in this example and was getting the issue.